How to Bypass Linkvertise: Simple Tricks.

To bypass linkvertise, use a link converter such as universal bypass or adlinkfly bypass. These tools automatically redirect linkvertise links to the final page without requiring you to complete the linkvertise tasks.

Linkvertise is a popular url shortener that allows users to monetize their content by requiring visitors to complete tasks before redirecting them to the final page. However, users have been seeking ways to bypass linkvertise because these tasks can be time-consuming or require personal information.

Fortunately, there are now some link converter tools that can bypass linkvertise, allowing users to access the final page directly without completing any tasks. This article will explore the top tools to bypass linkvertise and provide step-by-step instructions on how to use them. Keep reading to learn more!

How to Bypass Linkvertise: Simple Tricks.


Understanding Linkvertise

Linkvertise is a popular link shortening tool that is often used by content creators and influencers. It allows users to shorten long urls and share them on social media platforms, blogs, and websites. However, in order to access the shortened link, users have to go through a series of steps which can sometimes be frustrating.

This article aims to help you bypass linkvertise while also understanding how it works.

How Linkvertise Works

Linkvertise has become a popular way for creators to monetize their content by using a url shortener. The tool imposes a short delay between clicking the link and accessing the website. During this delay, it shows an advertisement page. After a few seconds, a “skip advertisement” button appears, allowing the user to bypass the advertisement and access the original link.

Here are some key points to understand how linkvertise works:

  • Linkvertise uses an advertising system that redirects users to a landing page with ads before allowing them to access the original website.
  • The advertisement is usually a video ad, which can be skipped after a few seconds.
  • The ad revenue is shared between linkvertise and the creator.

Linkvertise’S Security Measures

To prevent bots and spammers from exploiting its system, linkvertise has implemented some security measures. Here are some of the security measures used by linkvertise:

  • Captcha verification: Before accessing the advertisement page, users may have to prove they are human by completing a captcha.
  • Ip check: Linkvertise records users’ ip addresses and checks them to ensure that one ip address is used only once. If multiple requests originate from the same ip address, the user may be blocked.
  • Cookie check: Linkvertise checks users’ cookies to detect any automated requests originating from a script and then block those requests.

By following these guidelines, you should be able to understand how linkvertise works and bypass this url shortening tool. So next time, when you encounter a linkvertise link, you know what to do.

Simple Tricks For Bypassing Linkvertise

If you’re an online user, chances are you have encountered linkvertise. It’s a website that provides shortened urls and makes money by requiring users to view an ad before redirecting them to their desired destination. However, sometimes the ads can be irritating, which leads to users searching for ways to bypass linkvertise.

In this blog post, we’ll explore three simple tricks to bypass linkvertise without much hassle.

Trick 1: Using A Linkvertise Bypass Extension

One of the simplest and easiest ways to bypass linkvertise is by using a linkvertise bypass extension. These extensions are available for popular browsers like google chrome, mozilla firefox, and microsoft edge. Here are some key points about these extensions:

  • They are free to use and install.
  • They are readily available on the web store for respective browsers.
  • Once added to your browser, they automatically detect linkvertise links and redirect you to the original website without going through the ads.
  • However, make sure to download the correct extension, as there are many fake ones online.

Trick 2: Disabling Javascript

Another method to bypass linkvertise is by disabling javascript on your browser. This can be done by following these steps:

  • On chrome, click the three dots on the upper right corner and go to settings, then click site settings.
  • Scroll down to find the javascript option and toggle it to off.
  • This can also be done on other browsers, but the steps may vary.

Once javascript is disabled, you can click on the linkvertise link, and it will take you to the desired website directly, without going through ads.

Trick 3: Using A Vpn

Using a virtual private network (vpn) is another way to bypass linkvertise. This method works by masking your ip address and encrypting your connection to the website. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Using a vpn can be costly as most reputable vpn services require subscriptions, but you can use a free vpn service as well.
  • There are many vpn services available, and some are more secure than others, so choose one wisely.
  • Once you connect to a vpn server, your location changes, and you can access the website without going through the linkvertise ads.

These three tricks are simple and effective in bypassing linkvertise and getting to your desired website without much hustle. However, it’s essential to use them with caution and ensure that you protect yourself from any potential security risks.

Advanced Techniques For Bypassing Linkvertise

Are you encountering linkvertise more often than you would like? Do you wish there was a way to bypass it? Thankfully, there are advanced techniques that allow you to do just that. In this section, we will explore two techniques you can use to bypass linkvertise and access the content you need.

Advanced Technique 1: Inspecting Elements

One popular way of bypassing linkvertise is by inspecting elements. Here’s how to do it:

  • Right-click anywhere on the linkvertise website and select “inspect”.
  • Locate the html code associated with the “continue” or “get link” button.
  • Double click the code to bring up the element editor and change the “href” attribute to the direct link you want to go to.
  • Press the “enter” key and the page will redirect you to your desired location.

Remember that this technique may not work in all cases, but it’s worth trying. It is also essential to double-check if you are landing on a trustworthy site.

Advanced Technique 2: Using A Shell Script

Another way to bypass linkvertise is to use a shell script. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open a terminal and type the following commands:
curl -c cookies.txt "" \
-h 'authority:' \
-h 'accept: application/json, text/plain, */*' \
-h 'content-type: application/json;charset=utf-8' \
-h 'origin:' \
-h 'referer:' \
--data-binary '{"email":"your_email","password":"your_password"}' \

Replace “your_email” and “your_password” with your email and password for the linkvertise account.

  • Hit enter, and you will receive a response. Retrieve the “phpsessid” cookie from the response.
  • Next, run this command in the same terminal window:
curl -b cookies.txt --insecure "" -l

Replace “https://link-to-bypass. com” with the url you want to access.

This command will bypass linkvertise and automatically redirect you to the page you want to access.

Note that like any other script usage, it’s worthwhile to exercise caution. Always verify the source of the script and ensure that it does not include any harmful code.

By using these advanced techniques, you can bypass linkvertise and access the content you need. While they may not be foolproof, they are useful to try. By inspecting elements or utilizing a shell script, you can efficiently get through linkvertise and continue with your browsing.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Bypass Linkvertise

What Is Linkvertise?

Linkvertise is a popular link shortener service that helps to shorten and monetize long links.

Why Do People Want To Bypass Linkvertise?

People want to bypass linkvertise because they find it annoying to wait for the countdown timer to complete and see the actual content they want to access.

Can You Bypass Linkvertise Easily?

There is no easy solution to bypass linkvertise as it is designed to prevent bypassing.

How Do I Bypass Linkvertise?

There are various methods to bypass linkvertise, such as using ad-blocking extensions, url redirection, javascript injection, etc. However, these methods may not work all the time.

Is It Legal To Bypass Linkvertise?

Bypassing linkvertise is not illegal, but it violates the terms of service of the website or file that you are trying to access. Therefore, it is advisable to use legitimate methods to access content.


After going through the different methods and tools described in this post, you now have a variety of ways to bypass linkvertise. However, it is important to remember that using these methods may break the terms and conditions of linkvertise, which can lead to account suspension or even legal action.

We suggest using these methods at your own risk. In case you really need to download something from a linkvertise link, using a premium vpn service and following the correct steps in the tool or method employed can help you bypass the gateways successfully.

Remember, bypassing is only a temporary solution. The best course of action is to support content creators by going through the gates and skipping ads when possible.

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