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You are either already a WPS user or you are looking for a replacement. Many people assume Microsoft Office is the only solution or that there are no alternatives. It is not true, however.

It’s a smart idea to create a checklist when looking at other options if you are making a switch, whether it’s because your MS Office trial is ending soon or you want less expensive software. Here’s a list of things to search for in your search:

Cost Options: Price is an important consideration, as office software can be very expensive. However, there are many low-cost options. You can choose to purchase a monthly, an annual, or lifetime license depending on your budget. You can also get a free license. WPS Office offers both a mobile and desktop version for free. Sponsored access is included in the free version. This means that you will be shown pop-up ads from time to time. It’s a very affordable way to get your software without spending any money. WPS Office paid subscriptions cost only a fraction (1/3) of what Microsoft costs.

Comprehensiveness. Many office software suites look like a bunch of individual apps. However, they are structured so that each application must be opened individually. It is easier to use a model where all the apps can be accessed simultaneously from one view. WPS Office integrates all its apps, including Writer, Spreadsheets Spreadsheets, Presentations, and PDF tool, into one window. This makes it easier to use, and requires less “back-and-forth” to do so. It also saves computing resources, which allows your computer to run more efficiently and with less drag.

Cross Platform Accessibility: Office software is most useful when it’s accessible from all platforms. Individuals interact with apps and content in a more dynamic manner to adapt to their environment – at home, work, on the road, at social events, and so forth. WPS Office provides this flexibility with its four mobile and desktop offerings: WPS Office Windows, Linux Android, iOS, and Android. Integration with cloud providers like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box allows users to collaborate and support business operations.

Integrated Cloud Service: File collaboration via the cloud is a standard today and is available from all office software providers. Cloud support can make computing easier and more efficient by integrating with other software. WPS Office has recently launched WPS Cloud. This is a document storage and management system that allows users to access and edit files from anywhere. Automated backups and link sharing tools enable real-time collaboration across multiple platforms and devices. Files are also protected against loss thanks to enterprise-level data security, multiple backups, and file encryption.

Compatibility Files that aren’t compatible with other file formats are something no one wants to deal with. This can lead to frustration and even productivity loss. WPS Office is compatible with all brands of Windows office software, including Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. It can also be used on mobile devices. Don’t take our word for it, customers agree that this is one the best features of WPS Office. You can see a number of WPS Office case studies on our Press site.

User-friendliness: Another important factor to consider is the ease of use. Are there any learning curves? Is the interface familiar? You can get up and running in no time if you spend less time learning about new office software. WPS Office users love how easy it is to use the software, which is similar to Microsoft Office. WPS Office users are able to see which windows are open because they are organized in tabbed fashion similar to an internet browser. This feature is unique to WPS Office.

Performance Last but not least is the performance factor. Reliability and bugginess are not only annoying but also a waste time. Office suites can take up lots of space on a computer. This results in slow performance and lower reliability. WPS Office, on the other hand, has a smaller footprint which improves efficiency and speed. WPS Office, a subsidiary of Kingsoft Corporation (China’s largest Internet service and software company), is supported by an engineering team of world-class calibre that strives to improve the quality and performance its software.


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